The watchmaking industry is linked to creative sectors, such as the automotive and aerospace industries. Thus, watchmaking uses innovative materials such as carbon. In watchmaking we can find normal carbon and more special types such as forged carbon.

It is mainly at the beginning of the XXIst century that carbon arrived in the watch industry, this at the beginning mainly to make watch cases.

Carbon can be used for case design. Its lightweight and unique aesthetic makes it a great addition to any design. Carbon can be woven, pressed or forged in some cases. Dials can also be made and decorated in carbon. In some cases, plates and sometimes bridges have been produced in carbon.

Carbon has a very good resistance and a great lightness, which makes its strong assets. In addition, carbon has a unique aesthetic appearance.

Carbon is unfortunately brittle, which makes it a fragile material when machined. In addition, special machines and techniques are required which increase the already high costs.