Dial of the watch is the space where the hours and minutes are indicated. It is the face of the watch. Many other indications can be added to the hours and minutes. The dial itself can be made of different materials and different techniques can decorate it. The dial is a wonderful playground for creative minds.


Dial is usually a flat, circular or shaped surface with identical, regularly spaced numbers or markings used to display time indications. The dial is located between the mainplate and the bezel.


Aperture, a window, is an opening located on the dial of a watch. There can be one or more windows. They provide information on the date, day, month, moon phases and other indications. In general, it is placed at 3 o’clock to indicate the date.


Hands are parts made up of one or two parts that are used to indicate the time on the dial of a watch. There are many types of hands in different shapes and metals.


In a watch, the term index refers to the markings on the dial of a watch displaying the hours. Usually in the form of a small fine line marking (it can also be round, triangular, broad line, etc.). The index has replaced in part or in whole the indication of the hour from 1 to 12 which is usually represented in Roman or Arabic numerals.


In watchmaking, the Arabic or Roman numerals indicating hours or minutes are cut out of metal plates and then mounted on the dial.


The transfer consists in transferring inscriptions on the dial (such as numbers, a logo, a mark, etc…) using a stamp by taking these impressions on an engraved plate which is covered with paint.


Jewelry dials are dials set mainly with precious stones.


Micropainting consists of painting the desired pattern in successive layers that reveal a painting as you go.


In watchmaking, the dial is a space where different types of arts and techniques can be exercised. We can develop mosaics in various materials such as wood, stone, or other precious materials.


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