The HOROPEDIA Foundation was created by Marc André Deschoux as well as Mr Philippe Dufour (President), Dr Helmut Crott and Mr André Colard, all members of the Foundation Board.

Although the project was made public during the Geneva Watch Days 2022, the formal registration in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Geneva dates from February 1, 2023, quickly followed by the recognition of its public interest status by the Geneva cantonal authorities.

The Foundation is financed by donations and aims to be totally neutral and independent.

HOROPEDIA’s goal is to contribute to the long-term success and visibility of the watch industry by sharing knowledge and highlighting the know-how as well as the technical and artistic skills accumulated over the years, as well as those in the making, mainly through video.

The second goal of the Foundation is to give opportunities to young students and/or adults in continuing education to study or continue their studies in specialized universities in the watchmaking field through the granting of scholarships.

The Foundation will also be able to support and finance projects and activities related to the preservation of watchmaking culture.

The website is intended to be a real watchmaking encyclopedia where new content will be published regularly and intensively. Although it will be mostly self-produced, the site is meant to be participatory and open, where everyone can contribute by sharing their knowledge. However, all external contributions will be validated by a Watchmaking & Cultural Committee made up of recognized experts in the field.

One of the main singularities of HOROPEDIA’s approach is to put into perspective the technical terms covered according to their modes of production. The aim is to illustrate the difference between artisanal, semi-artisanal or semi-industrial methods, industrial methods or methods using totally innovative technological solutions.

One method is not better than another, but each one answers different challenges, whether it is a question of costs, quantity, quality or production time.

All of the content is accessible to all. Still, in a second phase, the long versions of the videos produced will be made available for a fee, either by general subscription (full access) or consultation (single payment for a determined duration).

This aims to ensure the project’s economic sustainability because its mission is infinite, such is the richness of the culture and art of watchmaking.



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