The first videos showcasing artisanal and semi-artisanal production methods of different watch components and tools are now available on

True to our mission of preserving watchmaking art for future generations, the HOROPEDIA Foundation published its first educational videos:

  1. Angling and bevelling techniques
  2. Watchmaking tweezers
  3. Escape-wheel
  4. Geneva Watchmaking School

Horopedia aims to have a holistic approach to the educational content published on its website. The platform will be covering different production methods from artisanal, semi-artisanal, and industrial to high-end, and give in-depth explanations of the processes and their historical background. A variety of themes and aspects of the watchmaking culture will allow viewers to easily select topics of their interest.

The first videos serve as a preview of the full spectrum of terms and techniques that will gradually appear on the website. With further development of the project, new films on other watchmaking topics will be released to illustrate different aspects of the colourful tapestry of the horological multiverse.

The website was also updated to make it more user-friendly and ergonomic. All content is now available in French, English and German

One of the unique features of Horopedia is professional video content. Watches are complex mechanisms that require precision, attention to detail, and a lot of patience in the making process. The same approach is applied to all the videos published on Each film reveals the meticulous work down to the smallest detail, and most importantly, people’s passion for this profession.

We naturally count on people, companies, and institutions to make it possible, either by helping us finance such an immense project, but also by opening their doors to help us document all this fantastic watchmaking know-how. I know and have already heard that some might want to keep their little secrets but imagine a top three-star Michelin chef and his best recipe. He can give you all the ingredients he uses to the gram, the cooking times to the second, but try to make it yourself and it will neither look nor taste the same, generally far from it. It’s really the Chef’s very own talent, his experience, his hands that will make the difference and it’s the same with watchmaking“. 

So, please open your doors and let’s make this for the future of our beloved industry. The journey to develop the next generation of encyclopaedia on watchmaking has just begun. Through the collective efforts of a passionate community, we have the opportunity to create a definitive guide that transcends time, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation. And this is exactly the legacy HOROPEDIA wants to leave“.

Marc André Deschoux


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