Date corresponds to the display of a number from 1 to 31.

The most common way of displaying the date is by a disc concentric to the movement with 31 days and an aperture on the dial usually placed at 3 o’clock that lets the date appear.

Another way is to have a circle printed with the 31 numbers directly on the dial and a hand in the center pointing to the date.

This display also exists in a retrograde version, for example on a 120 degree arc of a circle where once arrived at the 31st the hand will jump back 120 degrees to return to the first of the month.

There are also large dates where two discs usually join under two windows to display the complete date. One disc, the tens disc, will have four spaces and the units disc will have ten spaces.

There is also a slightly larger version of the large date where the two discs intersect. This is thanks to a trick that the units disc is printed below a sapphire disc which allows to cross the two. Thus the date is larger and the print of the two numbers is almost at the same level. This can be considered by some the most prestigious way to indicate the date.