Platinum is a rare, precious and dense metal. It has a white/greyish appearance and the specificity of being stainless. It is also one of the few metals heavier than gold and is used in higher proportions than gold (mainly 75% for gold and 95% for platinum).

Platinum in watchmaking is used for watch cases. Because of its high density, it is sometimes also used to make oscillating masses or oscillating segments for rotors or micro-rotors.

The main advantage of platinum is that it is stainless, also thanks to the high proportion of 95% used for its alloy, which makes it a sought-after component for the casing. Moreover, platinum’s rarity makes it an asset to any collection. Also, its high density is appreciated for the oscillating weights.

Platinum was historically an expensive metal although this has been reversed somewhat in recent years with gold. It is a fairly complex metal to machine.