Today marks an important step in the HOROPEDIA project with the publication of the first version of our website. We have spent months working on it, and our first objective has been to structure all the information we want to treat in the most logical way possible. Making it easy to navigate between the different themes covered has been one of our priorities and thus facilitating the understanding of our global approach.
We know this is only the starting point, and although we already cover more than two hundred terms, we know that the site will become denser as time goes on.

In this respect, we count on the participative dimension of the project and like Wikipedia, any contribution is naturally welcome. It can be to expand the explanatory texts, share images or other illustrations, or suggest new terms that deserve to be treated.

In addition, we want to emphasize multimedia content with the goal of making it easier to understand the topics covered. We want to be as visual as possible, and it is clear that this first version of the site does not yet reflect this very important dimension of the project.

We are now going to start this second phase and produce this kind of content based on multiple archives, but also produce entirely new content by going to those who will allow us to illustrate best the skills, the techniques, and the machines used by term.