Tungsten is a grey-coloured metal that has the highest melting point which is 3422 degrees Celsius. It also has a very high density which is close to that of gold or platinum.

Because of its density, which is almost as high as that of gold, but its market value is clearly lower, tungsten was sometimes used by malicious people to adorn gold bars. Tungsten balls were placed inside the ingot, so that nothing could be seen from the outside, but this was quickly noticed when the ingot was melted.

Tungsten was once used, because of its high melting point, to make filaments for incandescent lamps. In watchmaking, tungsten is often used for rotor segments. They are often heavier than those made of gold or platinum because these two metals are used in alloys, which is not the case with tungsten.

Its high density and high melting point.

Its high melting point can also be a disadvantage for its implementation.