Pin buckle is the first type of clasp used on leather bracelets. It is relatively simple to produce and has three components, buckle, pin and a clip.

Some rare houses distinguish themselves by producing all three components in gold for gold watches. When changing bracelets, always make sure that the original buckle remains on the watch. This is especially true when the watch is made of precious metal.

With the arrival of wrist watches came the pin buckles. For many years, only pin buckles were used on wrist watches.

At the end of the 20th century, the folding buckles arrived. However, the pin buckle remains very present on the market.

Advantages: The pin buckle allows you to adjust the size of the strap without the intervention of a watchmaker. Also, when the watch has a transparent back, it is easier to observe the movement.

Disadvantages: The buckle does not allow to keep in memory a dimension.

There are relatively many standard buckles on the market. Thus, for semi-handcrafted production, it is relatively easy to find existing buckles produced in larger quantities than you need for yourself, and the prices are competitive.