Celebrating the initial Donors of HOROPEDIA

We are delighted to announce an important occasion in the history of the Horopedia Foundation. In a remarkable demonstration of support and confidence in our mission, we have received our first series of donations from some of the most distinguished entities in the watch industry.

We would like to extend our gratitude to these visionary leaders who, with their generous contributions, have not only validated our work to preserve horological heritage and knowledge but have also given us the necessary impulse toward achieving our goals. These inaugural donations serve as the foundation upon which we will build a robust and sustainable future.

It is with a deep sense of responsibility that we accept these initial endowments, which represent a true testament to the trust placed in us by key players of the watchmaking community. With their donations, they show their dedication to the same mission as ours: to list the most extensive watchmaking knowledge and share it with the generations to come. 

We pledge to uphold our commitment to transparency, accountability, and the impactful utilization of these resources. These contributions will enable us to drive forward our visual projects and become the driving force for promoting the essence of our industry to a broader audience.

The Horopedia Foundation is honoured to continue this exciting journey, and we look forward to sharing the new videos and other developments that these donations will facilitate.


Initial donations

Horopedia Foundation press conference.
Geneva Watch Days, 2023


Horopedia Foundation was established in February 2023 and given the status of public interest. Its goal is to contribute to the long-term success and visibility of the watch industry by sharing with the help of modern technologies the horological knowledge, know-how, and technical and artistic skills accumulated over the years, as well as those in the making. The Foundation Council is composed of Philippe Dufour (President), Dr. Helmut Crott, André Colard, and Marc André Deschoux.