Horopedia Foundation took part in the 21st edition of the EPHJ, the professional trade show for the watchmaking, jewellery, medical and microtechnology industry that was held in Geneva from June 6 to 9. At the Salon, the Foundation organised the round table on the transmission of horological knowledge.

One of the main goals of Horopedia is preserving watchmaking art for future generations. It is to support this cause that the Foundation was present at the EPHJ and shared with the public its first videos showcasing artisanal and semi-artisanal production methods of different watch components and tools.

Horopedia booth attracted several dozens of horological enthusiasts, students, designers, technical experts and well-known watchmakers who were eager to learn about current work and future projects of the Foundation.

On June 8th, the President of the Foundation Philippe Dufour, as well as the Founder Marc André Deschoux and a Board member Helmut Crott took part in the round table The challenges of transmitting watchmaking knowledge, organised by the Foundation. Frédéric Mino, a teacher at the Geneva Watchmaking School, and historian Rossella Baldi have also joined in the discussion.

All experts agreed that some professions are disappearing with the development of the industrial production of high-end watches. That is why big brands and schools play a crucial role in passing on the know-how and mastery of creating timepieces. By sharing their competencies and technical skills they would also help to secure the place of Switzerland as a sentinel of horological art.

Graveyards are full of secrets… Big brands should transmit their ideas. It is our only way to survive. The whole world is using the same machines. The opportunity for Switzerland is in its history and knowledge“.

Philippe Dufour


Every year EPHJ welcomes professionals from the high-precision watchmaking, jewellery, medical and microtechnology industry. The 21st edition of the Salon took place in Geneva from June 6 to 9 and hosted 750 companies, which is 7% more than in 2022. This time 75% of participants came from Switzerland, while the rest were from 16 other countries, including France, Germany, Italy, USA, and Japan. With a dozen round tables, experts discussed the state of the horological market, its challenges, and perspectives, as well as innovations in micromechanics and robotics, cybersecurity, and sustainability. 

Horopedia Foundation was established in February 2023 and given the status of public interest. Its goal is to contribute to the long-term success and visibility of the watch industry by sharing with the help of modern technologies the horological knowledge, know-how, and technical and artistic skills accumulated over the years, as well as those in the making. The Foundation Council is composed of Philippe Dufour (President), Dr. Helmut Crott, André Colard, and Marc André Deschoux.