Metal bracelet is generally composed of a dozen links assembled with the help of screws or pins.

However, there are also much more artistic metal bracelets like the Milanese type, true works of art made of woven metal strands.

Advantages: The main advantage of the metal bracelet is its almost indefinite durability. Also, it allows to go in the water without damaging it

Disadvantages: It is more expensive than other bracelets such as leather bracelets for example. Also, the size of a Milanese bracelet for example does not adjust as easily.

In one of the most artisanal methods there are, among others, the Milanese bracelets still made by a few rare jewelers-chainmakers.

They are braided metal wires that end up being almost as silky as fabric. Other bracelets of the same kind but with different braiding exist.

For the industrial method, metal link bracelets always contain the same link whether you are near the box or the clasp.

Thus, these bracelets will no longer be drop shaped and will be the same size from the box to the buckle.